Uses of dating apps

One of the biggest apps in the internet today is dating apps. Ever since it’s been established everyone just gone crazy over it and love this idea. The idea is to connect people around the world and find the perfect match. Over 80% of the people are now in dating apps because it is the best way to find their lover. Dating apps makes everyone life easier to find the other half. The best thing in life is finding the right person for us and sometimes our other half is miles away from us. It’s always been the happiest moment in our life when we finally found the right person. Having someone that will match our personality is a blessing. Just like what happened to me, I never through that someone I will love forever is from the other side of the world. If it’s not because of dating apps I signed up with I would never find this type of person in my life. Year 2015 I started to realize to sign up on a dating app as for fun. At first I have no interest of putting up of my time there. I was just captivated of how many people had found their one true love on dating app. I’ve always wanted to find the love of my life but I am not lucky enough to have it in our town. I have been through in a lot of relationship in life but was not end up good. I’ve been single in a couple of years now, waiting for someone that will love me for real. I never thought that i would find such happiness in a person away from me.  A week after signing up in a dating app I finally notice this one beautiful girl in Philippine. She is two year younger than me, and been working as a chef in a restaurant. I really love her eyes and most of her hobbies and likes are the same with me. I never thought that she would respond in my messages I left. It took me a day after I sent it and I received a message from her. I was so excited and nap that time as I remember. It feels like I am fall in love with the person. We continued chatting as time passes by. I love how she makes me happy all the time. We find each other perfect and match. A couple of months of dating online we have finally decided to be together. I never thought that dating app has brought my life so much happiness and it makes me find my true love. Now I am married with the girl I met in dating app. We are happy and contented with our first child. The success rate of using dating app is 95%. People around the world are now connected as easy as possible. One sign up has lead me to my lifetime joy. It was the most amazing decision I made my whole life.

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